How Doctor Breaks Baby's Arm At Delivery In South Africa. Mothers Beware!

Doctor breaks baby?s arm during delivery in South Africa
One thing some people do not know or fail to accept is the fact that doctors are humans. They are humans and not gods. Doctors do and can make mistakes. How doctor breaks baby's arm at delivery in South Africa. Mothers beware!

Why are mothers asked to beware of how doctors could make mistakes at child delivery? Can mothers prevent any mistakes any doctors could make? Is mistake not anything that can happen by chance even at being careful?

Okay,a 21 South African mum was to deliver her baby and went to Moses Kotane hospital there in South Africa.The baby was delivered through Cesarean section but she was not allowed to see her baby until the next day. Is this fair that a medically normal mother should be prevented from seeing her baby after birth?  Is giving a mother her baby as soon as the baby is born not the normal practice to comfort her and relieve her of birth pains? But this is different. Something must have been wrong with the baby!

This is what the woman,Setshotloe tells Daily Sun:  “I asked the nurse a day after I had a Cesarean section why my baby’s arm was broken and  I was told the doctor had apologised for the mistake. This was a lie, as the doctor never even bothered to examine me after the delivery. “Why was I not informed about what had happened as the mum of the child? This makes me really angry,”

So her baby's arm was broken at delivery by the doctor. This could be why the doctor has not come to examine the woman after the delivery.  Setshotloe should have known!

But this doctor is so disappointing. Is he ashamed of his mistake? Doesn't he have any explanation to the mistake? Did he purposely use knife and cut off the baby's arm at delivery? Then,why is he running away from his responsibilities? How doctor breaks baby's arm at delivery in South Africa. Mother's beware!

It is not really bad that a doctor could make a mistake at child delivery since they are humans bound to make mistakes sometimes. What is really bad however is hiding his mistakes from people who should know,and running away from his responsibilities.

This makes the whole thing more suspicious,he has no regret for his action!!!

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