Here Are Those Reasons Some Ladies Remain In Abusive Relationships

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Let's start with this story of a lady who had been in an abusive relationship until she almost lost one of her toes.

She began by saying ''Today I got a ring! It wasn't our wedding anniversary,neither was it my engagement night,or did my ring worn out. But I got a ring from the man who battered me!''

According to the lady,each time she had an argument with her husband,it would result to a very serious assault on her. Then in the next day,she would receive a gift from her husband and she would say: '' I am sure he feels regret over it. He is sorry for what he did to me''.

Then when she came back home from work later than her husband another time,she would receive another assault and terrible beating from her husband. Then in the next day,he would buy her a very special thing while returning from work. And the lady would again say : '' I know he loves me. He felt bad over what he did to me yesterday''.

The last time she didn't receive any gift for being abused was the day her husband came back from work and she had prepared nothing for him to eat. He went out and ate at a restaurant,got drunk and was looking very haggard.

On getting home at night,his wife was already in bed and her husband took a knife which she used to peel some oranges she licked and which she didn't return immediately to her kitchen and flinged on her to wake her up from bed. Unfortunately,the knife struck her leg and  and almost cut off one of her toes.

It was then her eyes opened,and she realized for the first time that her life was in danger!

Why do some ladies remain in abusive relationships? Is it love? Stupidity? Naivety? Poverty?

It is all of the above and many more like it!

  • Love could make a woman remain in her marriage or relationship even when she is not yet married to her partner until she loses or almost lose her life. The questions: ''Who else would I go to? Who else could I choose? would always make her stay in abusive relationship.

  • Stupidity too could make a woman continue in a relationship she knows would cost her life. Just with little gift for her,she quickly forgets her bitter experience the other time.

  • Naivety is another reason why some ladies remain in abusive relationships. When someone lacks experience of life,when a naive person lacks knowledge or good judgement,when a naive person wouldn't want to believe that someone is telling her the truth,how could she get the necessary help she needs to run out of troubles?

  • Poverty is another big reason why some ladies remain in abusive relationships. What do you expect of a woman who does nothing to fetch some money to care for herself not to talk of taking care of her children?

  • The fear of where to go to? How to survive? Where to run away to? make some ladies remain in abusive relationships.

Dear ladies,no matter how poor or whatever you are,always save for your future and run away as far as you can when you find yourself in abusive relationship! Do not wait until it costs or almost costs you your dear life!!!

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