Find Out How This Lady Sold Her Virginity For Money

Lol. See the Nigerian lady who is also selling her virginity for a whooping sum

Honestly,I didn't know that the cost of virginity is this high. 50,000 Euros depending on whom you are and to whom you are bargaining your virginity with? This is another,but not a shocking surprise.

How sweet or valuable is virginity that some ladies would keep it for years just to make money? Is virginity as I learnt not for one's husband? A symbol of virtue,chastity,and faithfulness? A further evidence that a woman especially has self control and to a very large extent is of high moral value? Then how could a virgin prove these points if she trades her virginity for money?

If you ask me,I would say that there is no difference between one keeping her virginity in view to selling it later in life and some other girls losing theirs to their boyfriends,sugar daddies,or whoever that comes their way!

In fact,it is more stupid that one sells her virginity for money rather than willingly giving it out to a boyfriend,who would never forget it in life.

Any one who sells her virginity is capable of selling her own life or the most precious thing in her life money!

Whether you believe it or not also,money is more important than any valuable thing it is exchanged for! Stacey,take note!

Yes,Stacey is one of those ladies who trade their virginity for money,and according to her,she wants to do to serve certain purposes. See her words below:

"Selling my virginity has been something that I have always wanted to do. I want to sell my virginity through Cinderella Escorts because I want to pursue a master’s degree and a PhD.''

Then she adds:

"I already have a B.A. but I want to take my education even further since I believe that being educated will allow me to have my dream career and life."

Like everyone has a different view of virginity,Stacey's view is that virginity is kept to give her values of education,to solve certain needs for her,and that virginity is to satisfy her needs and not to keep it for one sort of man to prove faithfulness and high moral standard!!!

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