Dump Your Marriage If It Is Not Working?

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To some people,marriage is when two lovers legalize their relationship and agree to live as husband and wife as long as they continue to enjoy their marriage relationship.

To many others however,marriage is a solemn vow made by two lovers in presence of two or more witnesses to live as husband and wife until death do them apart!

The difference between the two sets of people above is that the former believes that as long as the condition is suitable for them in their marriage,they would live as husband and wife whereas the latter takes strongly that no matter the situation,good or bad,they would always be,because they have been married as husband and wife!

Dump your marriage if it is not working? Should you?

Well,it is no longer a matter of personal decision or conscience at this matter.  When it comes to marriage,the institution is one of serious matter that once one enters into it,one should never graduate from it,but should continue learning and practicing. Did you not know this fact? Where you not ever told? Well,don't be scared. It is not a prison,it is a very beautiful yard with warm lovers!

But come to think of it: Who is that person you hope to dump in this beautiful union of love? That man or woman that brought joy and made life worth living for you? What happened to that union?

Don't be quick at dumping your partner. Just wait and consider this:

A roof of a very beautiful house was seen licking during a rainy season. What would be more reasonable thing for the owner of that house to do? To pack out of the house or repair the roof?

Remember,if he packs out of the house and move to another house or builds another house,there is every likelihood that one day,the roof of that new house will develop faults and start licking!

In marriage institution,everyone is given the key to repair lickages in order to continue learning and practicing.

Dumping your marriage if it is not working does not make sense! Remember,before a building starts to lick it would have shown some cracks somewhere. An intelligent person on seeing the cracks would not wait until it begins to lick to the extent that it drives you out! Why should your marriage drive you out because you refuse to pay attention to its need?

Everyone is at fault when a marriage begins to collapse as you can see. The husband,the wife! Where are you packing to? To another person with a different fault?  Yes,there is no one on earth without a fault!

Your husband,your wife is someone you once most loved and cherished. When you found him or her,you automatically from your whole heart rejected others presented to you and say NO to them! What happened to that relationship?

It now has some faults,it now has some lickages,and it is now beginning to collapse right?

But there is a good news: It has not yet fallen! You can fix it,you can bring it back to its normal shape and beauty. Yes,your dying marriage can be repaired and restored!

Always remember,your partner is the best person,the best friend you could ever have in life! Any other person is a big mirage!

When you see a crack,repair it and do not think off dumping it!

There is nothing wrong with your marriage except that it has some cracks that needs to be repaired. It is your marriage and any other one in your mind is a mirage with a bigger problem! 

Don't dump your marriage if it is not working. Repair the fault and it will start working again,and you will start enjoying a new life in it like never before! Isn't this beautiful???

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