Celebrity Asks: ''If A Man Marries A Woman Because Of Her Money,What Is It Called?''

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This is interesting right? It seems everything is getting balanced with gender gap.Let's get straight to the celebrity who asks: ''If a man marries a woman because of her money what is it called?'' to see why she asked that question. Her name is Toke Makinwa,a Nigerian!

What is it called when a man marries for money? Toke Makinwa asks

In response to her question,she got such responses as: gold digger,harvester,opportunist,a scrub,and yes,someone says that such a man is called 'a man'! His reason? '' After all, he's still going to afford her the use of his last name for eternity'' he says.

Hmm,what a thought!  Are men now selling their names for money? Hello! What really is in a name or naming that would make a woman marry an irresponsible man who cannot afford her anything but name ?

If a woman marries a man for his money instead of love,she becomes a gold digger,an opportunist and the likes as some people would call her. But if a man marries a woman because of her money he becomes a man! This is rather so selfish an answer.

Men and women are the same. They are both humans. A woman naturally is supposed to marry someone who would protect and care for her. When she marries a man because of his money,should she be called a gold digger or opportunist? Seriously think about that!

Men by nature are the authorities! They head their women and become their super hero. But how could this be realized when he has become irresponsible so much that he has nothing but could marry a woman because of her money? If  a man marries a woman because of her what is it called?

An answer: Since a man is now doing what is some how due for a woman who needs protection from man as called by the nature,would such a man not be called a woman?

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We don't mean to hurt any gender here,but to speak the truth. Let us speak like mature people and intelligent minds! If a man who behaves like a woman is not called a woman,please what is he called???

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