Avoid These Mistakes In Your Relationships!

Avoid These Mistakes In Your Relationships! Image result for lovers in relationship reading

When a woman is in relationship with a man she loves,there is nothing else in her mind except marriage. On the contrary however,when a man is in a relationship with a woman,knowing who she really is to see if they could walk along as life partners is his intention.

Is anything wrong with someone having marriage intention with someone she is in relationship in mind? Is anything wrong with a man who although is in a relationship with a woman but does not think about marriage but go on accessing whether she is fit for him?

A close friend of mine who was in a relationship with a man she so much loves and craves for once said to me: ''Did you know for five months now in our relationship,he has never asked to come and see my parent or even know where we live?'' Then she continued: '' My bebe doesn't call me the way he used to anymore. If he says he would come and see me,he hardly keeps his promise. I don't understand him anymore''!

If this complaint is brought to you,what would you have told her? Well,I was so candid with her. I said to my friend: ''Listen,it doesn't work like that in a working relationship. A man who wants to marry his woman would naturally take his time and examine both sides.Then,if his heart impels him to go on,he comes in action without any stop!''

Then I went further to ask her : ''Don't you sometimes ask yourself if you are sure of what you are doing? If he is really what you want? If he is really enough to be your life time partner?'' And you know what? My friend kindly agreed and said: Yea,I do. It is true!'

Then I concluded: That is exactly what he is doing now. He hasn't come to your parent because he hasn't concluded yet! You guys are still dating and wondering. Just wait,if you are done concluding,and watch him give his own result!

Avoid these mistakes in your relationships ladies:

  • When you are in a relationship,do not conclude that it will definitely end in marriage. Understand that it a testing period between you and your friend to see whether you both are fit for each other.

  • The thought of cohabiting with him just because he has proposed to you should never exist. If you do,he may never have the will and the zeal to go into proper marriage with you.

  • Do not commit or try to spoil a man with your money or affluence. Allow things to work naturally.If you show a man how much you have or what he will gain by marrying you,you are asking him to deceive you and go away with your money. He won't marry you!

  • Ladies,do not be too forward! If your boyfriend is showing some interest in you,do not be in a hurry to hear him propose to you. He may not have any plan to propose to you even one year later in your relationship. The only remedy for this is to feel less concern. Tell yourself: ''If he wants to marry you,he would propose''.

  • Never ask your boyfriend ''When are you proposing to me?'' My dear lady,this question shows you are damn desperate for marriage. This is enough for him to cancel any marriage if he has in mind with you!

  • Finally,avoid the expectation that your boyfriend should be calling you as often as possible just because you both are in relationship.Calling,seeing,and visiting take place once in a while in a working relationships!!!

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