Are You Sure He Has Not Broken Up With You And You Are Still There?

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When you hear certain life experiences of ladies in relationships,you would marvel just how one would hope she is in a working relationship with her boyfriend,whereas her boyfriend has broken up with her but she does not know. Hey,and you,are you sure he has not broken up with you and you are still there?

We have a case of a lady who had dated her boyfriend for four years. According to her,they started dating when they were both in college. Her boyfriend was a Casanova who loved to have girls all around him while they were in college but each time she confronted him on the issue,he would give excuses to her that it doesn't matter anything and she would believe him because she loved him so much and wouldn't want to lose him.

After sometime however,they began living together and yet,he didn't still change.Often he was on phone with someone the lady didn't know,smiling,laughing and saying irrelevant things before  the lady in question here. After his call,she would ask him who he was speaking on phone with and he would say ''She's just a friend''.One day,this lady realize that her so called man was in a serious relationship with another lady without her knowledge,and they are set to walk down the isle. Are you sure he has not broken up with you and you are still there lady?
According to this lady,this was her first and greatest disappointment!

And you lady reading this,are you sure he has not broken up with you and you are still there?

The truth is that when a boyfriend of many years breaks up with his girl,he finds it difficult to tell her the situation. Most often,the ladies are usually the ones that find out by themselves,however.

But how could you see your boyfriend spending a long time on phone call with some woman smiling,laughing over irrelevant things and you believe it is nothing as in the lady above? Could any mature man be having fun with a lady for nothing? Use your sense!

This could be possible because,living in the house of her boyfriend always made her to feel that she had occupied the space,and no other woman could come in! Stupid ladies would think!

Dear ladies in boyfriends'house,living together with a man who is not married to you is not a guaranty he is going to marry you. He could give you food,give you bed and shelter,but his heart may be very far away from getting married to you. He may never marry you! The day he marries his wife,the woman who preserves herself and makes him happy,she will come to her husband's house,and you definitely leave in tears and disappointment you  have brought to yourself!

Are you sure he has not broken up with you and you are still there??? Use your senses!!! Read more:

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