Why I Want To Marry An Albino- Doctor dermatology

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Isn't this interesting or could we rather say this is strange that someone actually longs to marrying an albino,someone living with albinism? What could have made a man with normal amount of melanin wish to marry an albino,someone who lacks normal amount of melanin in the body? There must be a fantastic reason for this,and this we must find out!

You know this is not a popular thing to do or wish by people in a community of black or white,but here is someone wishing he could just marry an albino,someone living with albinism.

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This person is a doctor in a dermatology department of the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH). He said this on an interview with us in the studio at the discourse of the topic: ''Is Albinism A Disease?'' available on our YouTube channel ''Storms And Winds With Monica''. 

 Among other things he said that interested us on why he wishes to marry an albino is that albinos cannot steal,neither are they troublesome. The only trouble albinos or people living with albinism have is lack of melanin which has affected their skin so much that they cannot work under the same conditions as people with normal body colors.

Yes,an albino should not work under the sun,neither should they walk in hot weather in sleeveless clothes and without their focus.

''If albinos apply their creams regular as prescribed,cover up their bodies under hot weather,put on their focus,and avoid hot sun,you will really love anyone living with albinism'' the doctor says.

He continued: ''Albinos don't engage in immoral acts,crime and vices,and if you doubt me start looking out for one'!

Hmm,I think the doctor in question is making sense! In fact,he is very very correct! All my life,I have never seen an albino among thieves,suspected robbers,any lady living with albinism who ever gallivants with men,living wayward life style,or a married albino going after another man,cheating on her husband. Albino wives are like faithful women,who would never cheat on their husbands! 

 Did you know that the fact that one marries an albino doesn't mean he will have albino children? Did you also know that someone might marry someone not living with albinism and he would have  albino child or children at the end of the day? And more importantly,what is wrong with having someone who has no disease or defect in the brain and behavior but just in few cases do some of them have burns in their skin due to poverty or ignorance of taking care of their skin???

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