Why Do Good Girls Suffer Most In Relationships? Examples speak!

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Who do we even refer to as good girls here? Are they ladies who never cheated and who do not intent to cheat on their boyfriends? Are ladies who obediently keep quiet on their boyfriends even when they should speak that are referred to as good girls?  Why do good girls
suffer most in relationships? 

Okay I would give you an example of someone who called herself a good girl and suffered in bad relationships many times.

The girl was dating a single dad whose girlfriend abandoned hoping he would marry her. For almost two years in their relationship,the man had never shown any sign that he was going to marry the lady in question.

According to the lady,the man had never given her money for anything,but she would rather be the one that would cook and bring to him and his child,and spend money on their up keep. She said: ''For two years that i was with my ex, he never got me a gift, yet i wasn’t complaining cos i knew he was a single dad and he made me believe he spends all his income on his son and i trusted him so much.''

Hmm,did you hear that? You see the kind of good girl she is? A good girl without common sense!  your boyfriend for two years has never bought you a gift not because he doesn't have the money but because he said he has a child he is caring for and you still believe in him? A man who is not interested in your welfare but in his child's alone? If you marry this kind of man,what will make you feel you are married? Hmm,good girl indeed! She continued: 

''Then one day i went through his whatsapp and i read his chats with like four ladies, and how he has bin spending money on each of them and many other things that i endured during the courtship 😞😞😞 why does it always have to be the good girls that suffer most in a relationship.''

 Are you sure you are a good girl or you are being stupid and senseless? Do you not know that the action of a man speaks louder than his voice? A man's character tells who he is and the kind of husband he will become tomorrow!

Why do good girls suffer most in relationships? The real good girls we mean here are the obedient types,those who are in relationships and really mean to stay `just for righteousness sake. Even when their boyfriends have attitude problems,they still stay in endurance.

This kind of girls suffer most in relationships because they do not have the guts to say NO when they should! Their fears are always greater than their strength to walk away,or do what is right!
Good girls who suffer most in relationships are girls who keep reminding themselves they are women. They believe that it is the life of women to keep quiet and accept whatever they see from men in their relationships.Yes,they are the kind of people who suffer most in relationships.

Good girls tolerate nonsense,lack wisdom and will power. Yes,good girls live in inferiority complex and they prefer to be hurt than hurt another.

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Good girls prefer to suffer nonsense from their boyfriends than fight the nonsense,and that is why good girls suffer most in relationships!!!

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