When Your Husband Cares For His Mom Than He Cares For You

When Your Husband Cares For His Mom Than He Cares For You-Image result for mother in law cares

Is this strange or new to you that there are actually husbands who take care of their mothers than they do to their wives and kids?  Is this unheard of?  

What is wrong if a man takes care of his mom,his own mother? Are you in any way suggesting that at 
the moment a man is married,he should concentrate only on his own family? Wife and children,neglecting his mother? May your own son do so to you when he gets married to his wife,if that is what you wish a married man should to his mother.

Okay,the issue is not a man taking care of his own mother,but the problem is doing so at the expense of his own wife and family!

You can imagine a situation where a man is broke,no money to pay for his children's school fees or buy their school textbooks just because,he has spent all he has on his mother's upkeep.

In another report,something similar to the man who could not pay his children's school fees is a man who refills his mother's cooking gas,refuels her car regularly as his responsibility. For doing this,he neglects the urgent needs of his immediate family-wife and children,because the load is so much on him to care!

If you are a mother who makes your daughter-in-law  and grand children suffer needs because of your selfishness and inconsideration, may you never die,but live to see the consequences of your actions!

When your husband cares for his mom more than he cares for you,what should you do?

It is very simple! As in both cases above,when your house items dry up,when your husband can no longer take care of his family-you and your children because he pays more attention to his mother's need financially than yours,just take your children to the home of your mother-in-law.

Stay there,let her take care of your feedings and that of your children since that is where your husband and their father's resources are spent,and let your in-laws pay their school fees.

However,if it is not conducive you stay with your mother-in-law while your husband provides money to take care of your needs and that of his children,you can leave your kid with their grandmother,while you return to your home,managing situation!

But never allow your children to suffer necessary needs amid abundance of material things their father can provide. 

Don't go fighting your husband for neglecting your needs and that of his children,neither hate or quarrel with your mother-in-law because she has made your husband,turn his attention more to her than to his family!
Be wise when your husband cares for his mom than he cares for you and let him learn lesson of responsibility from your wisdom!

Reasonably teach your husband that his immediate family comes first before his mother!!! 

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