When Is It Love At First Sight?

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Often time,we hear ''love at first sight ,love at first sight!'' What really is love at first sight? When is it really love at first sight? Is it when a lady sees a gentle man who smiles at her? Is love at first sight when a woman
receives pleasantries from a man she is meeting for the first sight? When it is love at first sight?

To help us give a right answer to the question,let's give you an experience of a wife of a traditional leader,who saw her man for the first time and says with conviction: This is love at first sight!''

Her name is Olori Misturat Sobaloji,the wife of a traditional ruler of Offa,Kwara state,Nigeria. 

 She got hooked with her soulmate,the first time she met him. She tells us: 

''My auntie brought him to our house. We saw each other and talked at length. Along the line, everything worked out. I think it was love at first sight.''

You see the point? They talked at length,everything just worked out! That is the spirit,the sign. You can't talk at length with someone asking your hand in marriage if your heart does not agree with him. You can't even sit for long with him if his person does not please you,considering the fact that he is talking about marriage with you.

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When it is love at first,you will surely feel comfortable and pleased being with him and that is the spirit of love. You can't feel otherwise! Olori Misturat continues to tell us:

''Yes, it was love at first sight because the moment I saw him, my mind told me this was the man I was going to live the rest of my life with.'' 

When you see your love at first sight,everything you see about him becomes the best you could ever ask for. You would never remember that the person you have always desired is short,tall,fair or black! ''Love does not keep on personal interest alone'' the good book says! Olori Misturat copntinues to tell us more about this:

 ''When I was young, I always said I could not marry anybody with tribal marks.
But the Olofa my husband has tribal marks…
Yes. Even when I took him to my parents that I wanted to marry him, my mum called me aside and asked me, ‘Are you sure you want to marry this man?’ I said yes and asked why she asked. She answered that I used to say that I would not marry any man with tribal marks. I said ‘yes, that is how God wants it.’'
So ladies,when do you know it is love at first sight? Is it when you see that man with all the qualities you desire? Is it when a man gives you a nice treat on your first meeting? Is love at first sight when you see him and your heart lingers or feels something you can't explain,enjoying his presence and wishing it never ends???

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