What Should I Do If My Husband Cheats On Me?

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What should I do if my husband cheats on me? This is a very interesting question right?

A lot of married women out there have discovered that their husbands cheat on them on almost a daily basis,yet,those who
have not caught or found out whether their husbands cheat on them can't take an oath or face a panel that their husbands don't or never cheat on them.

Men,what is your problem? Why do you cheat on your wives?

Women,what should you do if you discover your husband cheats on you? Go straight to the  other woman involved with your husband cheating on you and beat her up? Nag and raise abuses and insult on your husband? Refuse giving him food and caring for your household? Packing and leaving your home? Gone are those days when cheated women behaved like that. It doesn't work!

Many married women have chosen the last option of packing and leaving their homes on finding out that their husbands cheat on them only to find out later that their action was more disastrous than the realization that their husbands cheat.

What should I do if my husband cheats on me?

Fine,it is good and very good that you have discovered that your husband cheats on you.

These are what you should do when you discover your husband cheats on you:

  • While in bed at night,ask him how his outing was with his concubine,that person he cheats on you with. In fact mention her name as you ask after her!

He will be surprised and shocked right? But hey,hold your peace and do not shout at him. Just be calm about it and say nothing more about the situation. You may now try so hard to sleep and leave him to wonder how you have found out he has been cheating on you to the point of knowing whom he cheats on you with! 

Point of correction: Do not confront your husband he cheats on you when you are not very sure,when you have no concrete  evidence,or if you just hear from a passerby that he cheats on you. The result could be offensive and disastrous. If he had never cheated on you before,he may try to do it now.

  • Secondly,if you find out that really,your husband cheats on you,follow the example of one of a wise sister here:

When she discovered that her husband cheats on her with a lady he met on a social media,she quickly went and got her male cousin do a wonderful job for her. You know what that was?

She asked him to look for that lady on Facebook and befriend her. Yes he did and he got her. To get the girl down to her heart,the woman made sure that her cousin sends the lady that goes after her husband credit and sometimes money too to her account to prove to her he was seriously in love with her and wants to marry her.

About two months however,the cousin to the cheated woman invited the lady on Facebook to the city where he lives. She as a wife to be happily accepted to come,and so the cheated woman quickly arranged to bring her down to her home with warm reception.

On the day of her arrival,her cousin went to a park and picked her up,drove her straight to his cousins home as his own house. When she entered the house and looked around in the sitting room,the first picture she saw was that of the man he cheats with standing as a couple with his wedded wife!

Then the wife,came out and welcomed her to her home and asked her to just feel relaxed because the girl was already panting and blowing up in fear of her life.

Not long after,her husband returned from work and was so shocked to see his girlfriend in the sitting room,right with his wife and the rest was the story!

Okay,after entertaining the lady for two days in her house,the wife let her go with 50,000 naira for her transport and warned the girl to mind her business,leave her husband or face her wrath should she continue with her husband.

That man,the woman's husband never tried cheating on his wife until he retires from his job. He learnt to fear the power of a wise woman!

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Women,you don't just nag and rant when you discover your husband cheats on you,no. There is no wisdom in the act and it can't solve any problem at all! Show some sense of wisdom. Let all you will do be for the objective of getting your husband back home to his senses!

More importantly,show you are mature,a harder nut to crack down by anyone and that you are  superior to the woman your husband cheats on you with!!!

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