Should You Tell Your Wife You Had A Baby? Should You Bring The Baby In?

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Have you ever walked on the street,somewhere the road and see a child who looks like someone you know,like your brother,cousin,or even like your father? 

Many children out there who do not know who their fathers are
actually have fathers somewhere,thinking of whether they should reveal themselves or not.

But how could a man know he has a child somewhere and fears to reveal himself? Honestly,bad thing no good at all,and yama yama dey smell!

One man tells his story: 

''I got married last year and my wife just gave birth, when people wished me congratulations my ex saw my picture on IG and sent me a message, then she told me she had a daughter for me and she’ll be 2 in July, I saw pictures of the child she looks exactly like me and she has my mother’s birth mark same spot my mom has it and she has mine same spot too. Should I tell my wife that I had a child out there and would like to bring her in and give her future?''

What do you think my people? Should you tell your wife you had a baby?

Well,whatever happened, and you couldn't make it with your ex to marriage is now in the past. The question now is what you should do with the product of the relationship you had with your ex right? Can we say you cannot eat your cake and have it again man? 

Yes,we can,but this case is not a cake but your blood,carrying the history of your family background all around! So what should you do?

Telling your wife you had a child somewhere is no problem,yes you should tell her because your wife has right to know basic truth about you. The major thing here is what should you do with that child whose blood is yours out there? Should you bring her to your home to live with you in order to give her future? Will your wife accept that?

Hmm,this is so strong! But the truth is that the only reason you want to bring the child with you is because she is your child,your blood,and you want her to recognize that. Yes,like every reasonable person,you also want to give your child a good future.

It is simple! Bringing the child to live with you is not right in a sense as the mother of the child,your ex,cannot come in as well. Your wife too,won't be comfortable with her,neither will the child be comfortable,living in a home where she will told and reminded she has no mother!

Dear man,since your basic intention is to recognize with your daughter and give her good future,you can absolutely do so without having to bring her in to live or stay with you.

Had it been that you married her mother and the mother died or she was divorced,the case would have actually be quite different,and the only option would have been to bring her right in to live with you in her father's house!

Whether the child is home or abroad,far or near you,the only thing you owe that child is to give her good education and other rights to grow responsibly as every child deserves.

Even if you will not have the joy of living with her,at least,you will have loved that you have imparted positively in the life of a child you have somewhere!

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There will be no pains,no regrets,and you will have no loss at all at the end of the day!!!

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