Should He Have Run Away On His Wedding Night For This Reason?

Missing or Runaway groom? Ugandan man who was declared missing days before his wedding found at friend

Often,we hear of some grooms to be running  away or being declared missing few days or hours before their wedding. Theses grooms to be usually are the ones that would fix their wedding date,print out the cards and share to friends,but just few hours before the wedding day arrives,they would be no where to be found.

Why are are the grooms usually the ones always on the run and never the brides to be? Even if the lady is not interested in the man she's been forced to marry,she would not still run away but could only cry and weep until the day for her wedding arrives and the rest becomes the story.

Recently is a young man in Uganda,he is in fact a Ugandan whose name is Tumwebaze Philip. He is just 27 years old groom to be who ran away few days to his wedding.

His family reported his disappearance to the police who went on investigation of his where about,only to find him hiding out in his friend's house.

Actually,Tumwebaze's disappearance few days to his wedding was not on kidnapping bases but on the fact that he had changed his mind from wedding or marrying his bride to be.

There are no other reason why a groom to be would run away from or disappear before his wedding day to avoid being wedded with the lady he has prepared to wed other than confusion,indecisiveness,uncertainty,and incompleteness of mind made over for marriage.

The fear of ''Am I sure of what I am doing? Did I really say that I would marry her? Am I really sure she is the one for me'' and all of that make groom to be run away from their planned weddings.

But why would a man asking the above questions,who on not being sure of himself and his decision still go on and propose to his woman for marriage and yes,still proceeds for wedding plans? A man who is not sure?

He must marry that woman whenever he is found whether his spirit agrees or not! 

According to the family of the run away groom to be,Tumwebaze Philip,''wedding preparations are to be resumed with immediate effect''  says the family and that is simply the best decision to take.

If Tumwebaze does not marry the lady he had proposed to,who will?If you knew that the woman is not good enough for you why did you prepare to wed her in the first place? Oh your mind is now telling you she is not the right woman for you right? You are just finding out right? You are late and you are absolutely wrong!

Tumwebaze,we enjoin you to marry your bride in peace and enjoy the marriage with love! You know why? There is no woman who is absolutely good enough for any man on earth!!!

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