See Shocking Reasons A 75 Year Old Man Needs A New Wife. Women Beware!

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For those of you that want to marry rich in bundles,beware! Wealthy marriages,getting married to old but affluent men is not a bed of roses,dear ladies and sisters!

Who in those days did not know a man so influential and affluent as
Chief Alex Akinyele? He was the former chairman of National Sports Commission (NSC) and ex-Minister of information. Chief Akinyele is now 76 years old,and he need a wife!

Why would  a 76 year old man,a grandfather of many children need a wife? 

''Why can’t I? Life must continue. At 76, I am not too old to have another wife. This is because in the past two years, I have felt very lonesome. All my life, I have been used to being cared for by one woman or the other. But for the past two years, I have been without a wife. All my children are grown and working and hardly have the time to come and sit down with me or to say they want to leave their own lives to look after me. So, for the purpose of personal care, I decided to take another wife. It is not for jollyjolly, I tell you. It is clearly for the fact that I really need somebody to look after me. I am weak.'' He said.

Are you serious? You need a wife that will curdle you and take care of your old age problems?

But seriously,what would an old man at 76 need in life other than good food,medical care and good home care? Can a new wife do all of these for him? 

Who would be newly married only to be taking care of an old man? Washing his cloths and cooking for him? A new wife?

We only want to be sure that Chief Akinyele does not invite troubles for himself at his old age!

Every woman especially new wives want to be curdled and enjoy good romance. If anyone thinks he can close these needs of new,fresh wives with bundles of money,he is looking for nature's problems!

However,when he was seriously asked why he really need a wife at his old age,he also said : 

''Good. When you want to take a wife at an age like mine, you have to be extremely careful not to pick on a wrong one who would rush you to your grave. That is why I am not only anxious, but extremely careful to have a wife of about 55, 60, given their age and maturity. Yet, there is danger in marrying a woman in this age gap because it is about the time they begin to have their peculiar problems such as arthritis, lumbargo, and so on. You know, if such care is not applied, I could end up taking care of her instead of her taking care of me. And that is if I happen to still be alive. That is why I accept to say that I have to be very careful.''

You see the point? It is not easy anywhere.Chief Akinyele may not escape the dangers of getting married at 76! If he marries a young woman,he will be in troubles of satisfying her needs. If he marries a mature or still,an old woman close his age,he will also suffer some challenges.

What should be suggested for Chief Alex Akinyele to do since he seriously needs a wife?

It is very simple! Since the only reason Chief Akinyele needs a wife is to have someone care for him,since his India wife has left him,there are certainly many ways to achieve it.

One way is to employ a nanny,whose jobs are to cook for him and keep his home neat and tidy.

Secondly,Chief Akinyele would also need a nurse who from time to time should be checking and keeping update with his health.

He has children,and he also has grandchildren. Would anything be wrong if his first son or the last of his sons live with his family in his house,which also is his own? In this way,they would be keeping the home warm,and making Chief Akinyele happy in his old age!

Finally,when Chief Akinyele was asked  again how people would feel about his issue of getting married at his old age he threw another bombshell when he said: 

''The reaction of Nigerians to the fact that I want to marry another woman is immaterial to me. It is my personal life and I am entitled to live it the way I deem best for and with me. You know that for people like me, whatever we say we want to do, people will always have something to say. They will react to it because I am like those the media call celebrities. And you know that they have problems of privacy and whatever they want to do is always subjected to public opinions.
So, I won’t be bothered because if anyone sympathises with me so much, let him provide me the much needed help or give me a better wife.''
A wife is what Chief Akinyele need,a wife he will get!!!

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