Is It Normal To Be Attracted To Old Men?

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Well,there are actually certain things one does not fully understand in life,some are mysterious,and others have reasonable explanations. Is it normal for example for a girl,or a lady to
be attracted to old men?

There are ladies who have never been attracted to people of their age group or younger men,but to people as old as their fathers. Now they are asking: Is It normal to be attracted to old men?

The truth is that being attracted to men as old as ones father has never given anyone joy,including the parent of the girl except the girl herself. You can imagine a man of your age asking the hand of your daughter in marriage ,and when you say no,your daughter flares up and rant that it must be he or no one else. Yes,the question: Is it normal to be attracted to old men?

Well,choices are for people to make. No two people even identical twins have exactly the same choice of men for husbands.  And good enough,everyone's choice makes one happy and fulfilled.

If this is the case,why would one who has flair or a young lady who falls in love with a very mature man feel it is not normal? If your heart is well pleased with the choice to marry a very mature man,why would you ask if it is normal to be attracted to old men?

Yes,it is normal! It is normal because,everyone is made with a particular desire,and that desire is to quench the taste and give satisfaction to life!

What is abnormal is when your choice does not give you happiness and peace of mind. Whenever you are in doubt with your choice,when you are not sure of what you are doing,when you are battling with your heart and forcing it to accept certain things,then my dear,you should consider such choice abnormal!

Take a look at a pure abnormal attraction by old men:

Beverly Osu meets elderly man who is obsessed with her and has had arguments with his wife because of herBeverly Osu meets elderly man who is obsessed with her and has had arguments with his wife because of her

My dear lady,don't be fooled that you are being attracted by a man or that you have found love! It's not as if he's been waiting for you from Adams. He's been married,given his love and best to a woman,his wife already!

If you ever fall stupid to this kind of man,he will use you for his retirement and before you know what you are doing,you will have worn out and simply be useless!!!

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