How Much Do American Artistes Suffer Sexual Abuse In Hollywood Industry?

Image: Poll: 94 Percent of Women in Hollywood Have Faced Sexual Misconduct

In African,down to Nigeria precisely,a good number of female artistes such as musicians,singers,and actresses have suffered various kinds of s*xual harassment from men with power.

 S*xual harassment has become so
common in Nollywood and other entertainment industries so much that no one could actually be said to be so free of any kind of s*xual harassment such as touching,kissing,and having s*x with directors,producers and other people with power before she is given parts to play. 

Is Africa,Nigeria,the only entertainment industry where female entertainers suffer much s*xual harassment? Take a look at Hollywood industry as surveyed by USA Today. It says:

''More than 790 of the 843 female actors, directors, writers, producers, editors surveyed by USA Today say they suffered some form of harassment or assault at the hands of a man with power.

Further, 21 percent say they were forced to do something sexual, according to USAT's poll.

However,when you take a look at a sampling of the types of harassment or assault the women experienced at least once in their Hollywood career, according to USAT's  you won't believe it. Take a look at the survey :

  • 87 percent: Unwelcome comments, jokes or gestures.

69 percent: Being touched in a sexual way.

  • 64 percent: Being propositioned for a sexual act or relationship.

  • 29 percent: Had someone expose himself.

  • 10 percent: Ordered unexpectedly to audition naked.

Can you imagine? When we thought that one of the major reasons why most of African women are subjected to different kinds of s*xual harassment is because of poverty and denial of rights,we could now see the truth in a different angle.

Americans have always known and protected their rights,so why would the women
 still face and suffer various kinds of s*xual harassment from men in power?

Why would women suffer some kinds of s*xual harassment from men in entertainment industries before they are given jobs to do? Could the answer be desperation? gender superiority? What exactly could be the reason for s*xual harassment women from all around the world suffer from men in power? Will there ever be an end to this injustice and cruelty???

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