How Do I Know It Is Finally Over With Him?

How Do I Know It Is Finally Over With Him?-Image result for is it over with him?

Hmm,the question of how one could know that she is no longer in a relationship with her soothing boyfriend,that it is absolutely over between them is one so hard to tell oneself.

The truth is that over 90% of ladies in wrong relationships who somehow
know that their relationships are not as interesting as they used to be before,a sign that the relationships are wearing out and that it's time one has to say good bye to the other,would not want to believe or say goodbye either.

Why? Why would one see that she is no longer in a working relationship and still stays in a shadow?

Well,the truth is that it is never easy to say good bye to a relationship that once made someone feel so good with her partner,making her feel she is the biggest girl in the whole wide world.

How do I know it is finally over with him? How do you know that you are no longer in a relationship with your guy,that he is already out in love?

The reason for this question is that most times,the men would not tell their girlfriends that is is over. They would be shifting and drifting away silently without giving a word.

The only time men tell their girlfriends that their relationships are over is when their girls are caught red handed with other guys or when they find real faults in them. Then, you hear the men saying something like: ''No,I am not gonna take this! In fact it is over!'' And things like that.

Ladies,how do you know it is finally over with him?

  • One of the signs that it is finally over with you is when he begins to drop some attitudes on you. When he begins to drop or stop doing certain things he could do on a good day for you,and he finally stops doing so,then,it is a perfect sign that it is finally over with him.

If your boyfriend ever tells you he will visit your place to see your siblings or know where you live and he never enters your compound but always stops and leaves you close to your gate,just know that he is still contemplating whether he should take the relationship with you further or end it.

If he's made up his mind not to continue in relationship with you,he may not tell you my dear. You can only find out from his attitudes and behaviors toward you.

  • Normally,this man used to bring you close to your house and turn back saying ''One day I will surprise you and come in with you to know your family''. When he drops and no longer brings you back home himself,then,know that it is finally over with him.

When one is in a good and true relationship,both parties feel it. In fact,the man would always feel like being with you most times much the same way you would also feel. He calls you on phone and asks you for a date,to spend time together somewhere and all of that.

  • The moment he no longer does that,the moment it has to be you doing the calling,asking if you both could go out together and he says okay naw,then my dear,you don't need any further hand writing on the wall to confirm it is finally over with him.

The simple truth is that when someone is no longer interested in you you will know. Don't pretend it is a joke when you see signs that he is no longer interested. In fact don't close eyes and feel if you try well or harder,he can come back to his senses. It takes two to tangle right? Don't ever forget this my dear. At a primary stage in a relationship,one person cannot make love grow and feelings generate! It really takes two to tangle,two to build love and relationship!!!

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