How Do I Know He Is The One For Me?

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Hi,is there anything like predestination or destiny lovers?  Is the certain belief that someone somewhere has been destined to marry you,your friend or someone else true?

When I was much younger than I am today,I asked a man old enough to be my father: ''Is it true that God has created a particular man  for every woman?''

Of course he didn't asked me why I could ask that question as little a child as I was then,after all he knew I was in secondary school where romantic issues are talked about by peers. In fact I like that man,Mr. Michael,for opening up with me whenever I had something like this to ask. God bless him for me!

In answer to the question I asked Mr. Michael concerning marriage and predestination,he said after giving a soft laughter: '' Nooo,there is no such thing as predestination of a marriage mate.'' He continued: People get attracted to their heart desires once they meet them,and start up relationship to build their found love.''

In my heart,I didn't actually believe him and so I was not really happy with the answer he gave me,because then,I had someone my heart beat for and I didn't want to lose him. So,how do I know he is the one for me? Hmm,

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If you look at the answer that Mr.Michael gave,you would see that it is true! If some has been predestined to marry a particular man,then,there would be no such thing as dating or courtship. In fact,lovers won't have to be in any relationship to know if they are truly fit for each other for marriage,since once you see someone your heart desires,your heart beats and leaps for joy.


  • When you see your lover,the one for you,you lose control,you won't be able to explain what you are feeling at the moment.

  • Even when you argue or have fight with him,you quickly make up.

  • The man whom you cannot keep grudges with,the man whose offense doesn't hurt you is the one for you.

  • If your phone is ringing and your heart tells you he is the one and you find it so,then he is the one for you.

  • If you are ever troubled and he calls you and asks you: ''Are you okay? Are you sure?'' Then my dear he is the one for you.

  • If you ever let him go or chase him away and he still comes back or lingers about,then he is for you.

  • Even if he never buys you anything or surprises you with anything because he doesn't have yet,and the love is still glowing for each other day and night,he is the one for you.

  • If neither of you could ever hang up the phone call until the credit exhausts,if both of you are never satisfied talking or being with each other,then my dear,HE IS THE ONE FOR YOU!!! 

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