''I Hate Extravagant Women. Should I Give In To These Demands Or Opt For Divorce?''

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Hmm,a man who is just two weeks old in his marriage is already feeling he is into troubles with his new wife. He complains that he got married to an extravagant woman as if his eyes were tied closed when she was
coming or as if someone imported the woman and gave her to him  as wife.

What is this extravagant attitude of the woman that this man is complaining of? Let's hear from the man himself:

''I decided to be giving my wife 2500 naira every week for cooking, we have everything in the house, because I shop every month end for the house, so the 2500 is if she wants to buy fish or anything. But she refused bluntly and said I must be giving her 5k every day or 50k every month for up keeps or she will go back to her father’s house.

I am not a stingy man but like I said I have everything in house so what will she be doing with all that money.
I earn 250k monthly and I have others things I do with money. She is not working yet, she is still doing her NYSC so I pay all her bills.
Do you think I married the wrong woman? I am getting scared because she has not cooked anything since we got married, if I drop money for her, I come back home to meet it like that.
Divorce his ‘hungering’ me already, I hate extravagant women. I did not see this before marriage, she was very nice tho.”
Hmm,I smell trouble too,but let's see.
One is that every week,you give your wife 2,500 naira for cooking. Yes,you have food stuff at home,but what about perishable goods and other cooking ingredients you may not know as a man? No man,this is where you are wrong! Giving your wife 2500 naira weekly is counting and calculating things for her which is uncalled for. Did you know that 2,500 could finish up in just one cooking not to talk of cooking for 3 or 4 times a week? How much ice fish or beef  is reasonable for a pot of food?
And the woman? Your husband mentioned that ever since he got married to you you have never cooked anything for him. Why ? Is it because of the little money he drops with you weekly? You feel it couldn't cook any palatable food ? 
You are also wrong too! You see why both wrongs cannot make a right? Your husband gives you very little money amid plenty,and instead of you to give him the little the money could provide in return,you decide he come back and eat the money my dear lady,no!
Okay,this is what you both should do:
Dear man,first is that you did not marry a wrong woman. She is just fit for you. Rather than giving her 2,500 naira weekly for cooking,learn to be giving her daily as her cooking demands.Giving her 2000 or 3000 on any day she wants to cook regardless of the food stuff at home is not bad and see if she will not still cook for you.
To make peace in your home, give her pictures of plans you have for the family. Perhaps,this might help her learn to manage resources. Probably,your wife was not taught to manage resources by her parent,it is now your duty to do so as her husband. Yes,she is your wife!
As for you woman,why on earth would you threaten to go back to your parent if your husband does not give you 50,000 naira monthly or 5,000 naira daily? Did your parent give you that every day before you got married? The 5,000 naira you are demanding from your husband daily  is almost his daily wage. Have you come to build a home with him or tear him down? Use your sense woman!
It is very simple man: The picture of the kind of woman you have is very clear. She is the type that  likes to have money daily on hand. Like other families with similar situation,set apart her monthly allowance for her upkeep perhaps,20 or 30,000 naira apart from the necessary money for her cooking,or better still,at the end of every month,give her the 50.000 naira she demands for both her upkeep and cooking. It is even cheaper for you do so,if you calculate it.
Don't worry,God has blessed you with the job to do this for the interest of your family. Do it to keep peace,and maintain love!
You think your wife is extravagant? With this demand,she is not!! But let's stop it here before I open her eyes with what other women close to her kind demand monthly from their husbands!!!

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