Can Man Truly Love Two Women Equally At The Same Time?

Man set to wed two women, makes separate billboards for the wedding ceremony in Abia state (photos)

Could this really be true? That a man actually sets to marry two women at  the same time,using two different billboards to advertise the marriage ceremonies?

Well,it is not as if it is unusual for man to
marry two or more wives,it is a common thing in Africa already as men call themselves polygamous in nature, to marry as many wives as they wish to marry.

What we are talking about here is that a man,whose name is Ejindu in Abia state, Abriba precisely is set to wed two women at the same time and has their different wedding posters hung in different places for people to observe.

Man set to wed two women, makes separate billboards for the wedding ceremony in Abia state (photos)

Man set to wed two women, makes separate billboards for the wedding ceremony in Abia state (photos)

Unlike some men who would hide their second marriage plans from their first wives and people,Ejindu makes known his own and very probably to both girlfriends and fiances.

No one is going to say in this case that the the two women Ejindu is planning to get married to do not know that they will soon become co wives equal because the posters have the wedding ceremonies to be held at the same time!

Can a man truly love two women equally at the same time? Can a man love two women so much equally that he marries them at the same time?

In as much as it is possible for anyone,man or woman to love more than one opposite s*x at the same,it is not natural that anyone would want to get married to all he or she loves not to talk of doing so at the same time!

Marriage is all about making decision! The ability of one to choose his or her best among many suitors.

The problem with Ejindu who is set to marry two women at the same could be that of indecisiveness. You can't say it is a problem of confusion because, if a man is confused over whom he should marry,he won't marry until his mind is truly made up to settle with one person.

How would a man who marries two wives at the same prove to one of the wives that he truly loves her? I mean,can Ejindu tell one of his wives tomorrow that he loves her so much and that she is his best choice? How can he prove it when he has another in his house,his mind and in his life?

I think marriage vow is all about confirming to all eye witnesses that you have found your choice of mate you want to spend your life with. If one has made his choice,what is the other woman doing in his life? Not to talk of getting married to her at the same time?

Who should be more blamed in this situation between Ejindu and his women? Would you say Ejindu who has set to marry the two women at the same time or the women themselves are to be blamed for accepting the relationship?

I choose to be with you if you say the women should be blamed for this relationship.

I mean,how could you believe that a man who has and sees another woman in his life as he does with you truly loves you and you want to give him everything including your life to be with him as a wife? Desperate woman!

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Is this what it means to be accommodating? Accepting to live with another woman as a rightful co wife equal? I just hope this relationship continues to be in that family of Ejindu without the ties tearing or breaking apart,otherwise,we would have been all correct that a man cannot love two women equally so much to marry them at the same time!!!

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