He Accidentally Shot His Friend And Killed Himself In Grief

Could this be reasonable that a man killed himself because he accidentally shot his best friend and he died at spot? Find out!

Americans and gun all the time! They have guns anywhere they are,in offices,at home,and on the street. Even at events and ceremonies,they have guns in their possessions!

A young man on the day of celebrating his his 21st birthday accidentally shot his best friend to death. Out of grief for his mistake,he also killed himself! His name is  Zachary Woodcock and the name of his best friend he accidentally shot dead is Richard Skillman.

According to the report,Woodcock was celebrating his birthday on January 19 with friends in his apartment in Merrill, northwest of Detroit. As he was  returning from his bedroom, a handgun he held,"went off and struck Mr Skillman in the chest".

As others were helping Skillman, witnesses told police that Woodcock left the apartment.

Gomez,Saginaw County Sheriff's Lieutenant says: "They heard a shot, walked out and there he was." Just before anyone could help Woodcock,he had already shot himself!

Is this reasonable that by an accident,a man killed his best friend and in turn shot himself dead out of grief?

What then makes the whole thing an accident if he couldn't forgive himself? Are you sure there is no more to the story?

If truly Woodcock killed his best friend Skillman by an accident,why would Woodcock resolve to kill himself?  Is Woodcock not making himself a culprit?

The eye witnesses at the event of his birthday celebration said that Woodcock killed himself because because,of grief. What is grief? Is it not the feeling of regret? 

In what way did Woodcock show that he regretted his action?

But wait a moment. The report says that the gun he was holding in his hand went off his hand and struck his friend Skillman to death.

If it was the gun that accidentally pulled the trigger and shot Skillman,was Woodcock to be blamed?

If Woodcock was sincere in that it was by accident,if he were sure that he didn't invite his best friend to his birthday part in his house just to kill him,why did he kill himself? Is this the way to stand grief?

The truth is that it has gotten so wild and crazy,the way white people,especially Americans make use of guns.

The way they shut at every spot doesn't show they are people who have respect and regard for live! Their is to kill,and they don't have heart to stand the pains and the grief!

A man was said to have accidentally shot his best friend on his birthday celebration,and all he could do to show remorse was to kill himself!

 Can anyone show remorse in his grave yard???

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