Child's Boyfriend Arrested For Only Doing This? It Is Unfair!

A young boy in South Africa who just turned 18 has been arrested for having s*x with his 12 year old girlfriend. This is considered as unfair with these reasons:

There is something I still don't understand. Like seriously,a young boy of 18 years has a girlfriend who is just 12,and when he has s*x with her,the police arrested him and opened a case file for him? For having affairs with his girlfriend?

What on earth did the parent of the girl whose name and identity cannot be revealed here expect? There was no denial that they,the parent of the girl have the knowledge that their little girl has already engaged herself in a romantic relationship with a boy of 18 years. Yes,they knew,but they could not stop their daughter!

They could not stop her because,the girl in question has gone too too mad in love with her boyfriend in question.

According to the report,the child hid when her mother went to the boyfriend’s house, and the matter was reported to police. This means that when the mother was looking for her child,she knew she could not be anywhere else,but in the house of the boy in question.

Why on earth should lovers be in chain? Why should someone be arrested because he was caught in the same room with his girlfriend?

Since the girl was the one who left home to her boyfriend's,should she not have been arrested instead,and not the boy?

There was no rape charges in this case at all. However,it is considered illegal for anyone to have sex with an underage girl, and it's called statutory rape.

But hey,this is unfair! Does this law not consider the fact that some religions such as Islam encourage and practice early child marriage? If a man as old as 36 marries a little girl of 12 and have s*x with her,would court charge it as a statutory rape simply because the girl is a minor? Then,why should the boy in question be arrested for being in love with a minor? Are both of them not even minor to say? 18 and 12?

The truth is that the s*xual urge and feelings of these children aroused so early in life.But remember,this is just the beginning of the signs of puberty in female and the boy,acting like an uncontrolled teenager. 

There is no rape as far as we are concerned in this case because,the girl gave her consent and willingly opened her legs for her boyfriend! Remember,she was the one who left home,and rushed to her boyfriend's,the boy never did!!

If the girl as young as 12 years could be gone out of control by her own mother,it simply means that her mother failed in her responsibility of morally bringing up her child and thus,her child has no respect or fear for her mother.

Rather than reporting the case to the police who thus opened a file case for the boy,the parent of the girl would have met with the parent of the boy and established marriage relationship with their children,since both of them are so seriously and deeply in love with each other,being like inseparable lovers ! 

It is rather unfair to arrest a man for having affairs with his girlfriend,just because the girl is a minor!!!

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