The best contraception to prevent unwanted pregnancy

Protect yourself against unplanned pregnancy- Be Lydia Smart!
every person's life-Lydia
And now,everyone would think she's finally changed her mind to accept preventive measures of unwanted pregnancy so rampant among youths and teenagers. But wait a moment! What is Monica talking about? The best contraception to
prevent unwanted pregnancy? Does she now sell or patronize contraception? Encouraging young unmarried people to go for s*x as long as they have their contraception? No,never!!

There is something new in global market. It is a small plastic device wrapped with safe and natural copper device that is placed in a woman’s womb to prevent pregnancy for up to 10 years. They also say that it is a non-hormonal contraceptive that is safe, affordable, widely available and can be used by different category of women.

I now ask: What has happened to condom?Is it reasonable that at the moment it has been discovered that condom has a high percentage failure rate which has made a good number of people to turn away from illicit s*x in other not to have unwanted pregnancy that some people somewhere have to come out with another kind of contraception,just to encourage immorality? Unfortunately,these are people looked unto,to fight against moral decadence in society!

Like cigarette companies that warn smokers against smoking, Lydia IUD rightly says: ''People wonder these days if their lives revolve around the choices they make. Yes, we are all responsible for who we are today. The choices we make and ideas we conceive pave the road for our future.'' Lydia continues ''A quote from Confucius says, "People's lives are the result of the choices they make or fail to make”. The path one takes in life is not arbitrary. Choices and their consequences determine the course of every person's life.''

For the fact that cigarette companies has warning for smokers of their products that they are liable to die young,doesn't mean they have the interest of people at heart. No,otherwise,they wouldn't have produced death trap for people in the first place.

Lydia IUD wants to help people get free from unwanted pregnancy but at the same time,encourages them to engage in premarital s*x as well. She says in part: ''If 100 sexually active women choose not to use any contraception 80 to 90 will become pregnant in a year. If the same 100 sexually active women choose to use one form of contraception or another about 20 to 30 will still be pregnant due to human errors and negligence around the use of the methods chosen. If the 100 women then choose to use the Lydia IUD only 0.8% may get pregnant which is negligible.'' Here,Lydia implies that her contraceptive is far better and more reliable than any others in market,in terms of preventing unwanted pregnancy.

Honestly speaking,we appreciate organizations that have taken time to embark on research and come out with something that seems a solution to certain problems such as unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Thank you! But a lot more still has to be done. You should help teenagers to stay away from premarital s*x and help them live clean and healthy lives! Rather than bringing out contraceptives that can only encourage young people to engage and indulge in immoral life style,try come out with preventive measures that can help  them abstain from illicit s*x!!! Read more:

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