''Nigeria has a world record number of imbeciles'' - Prof.Wole Soyinka

From the word imbecility,it is understandable that it is from the Latin imbecillitatem, meaning “weakness, feebleness.” Going a little more further,Stupid or inane behavior is imbecility. Now we ask Nigerian Nobel Laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka who stated: '' Proportionate to population Nigeria has a world record number of imbeciles'' how Nigerians are imbecile?  This
he said while speaking on frustration with Nigeria and Donald Trump presidency, at an event in London on October 27th,2017,as tweeted by Financial Times reporter, David Pilling.

 "Proportionate to population, Nigeria has a world record number of imbeciles" - Wole Soyinka
 What in the wisdom of Professor Wole Soyinka would have made him say a thing such as this?  How on earth is a good number of Nigerians imbecile? World wide,Nigerians are known as good people,seeking the good of one another. In whatever situation they find themselves,Nigerians cooperate and fight together. Is this what a Professor sees as imbecility?

In oversea countries,Nigerians humbly cooperate with foreign government policies and contribute their quotas in the national growth and development. Is this any imbecility?

At home in Nigeria,Nigeria citizens serve as watch dogs over governmental activities. They watch,see, and react. Is this also imbecility?

Imbecility is when someone acts stupidly or when one is insane. Professor Wole Soyinka,how are Nigerians imbecile to a large extent in your wisdom? In proportion to population of world record,are Nigerians imbecile because they acknowledge you as a professor by virtue of fact that you have immensely contributed your part as a critic and a societal crusader,a watch dog who uses pen and papers to scrutinize ideas,and societal ills?

One time on a Television interview in 90's,you mentioned that you have already chosen where you will be buried when you die and no one ever called you an imbecile,even when that statement looks very insane. 

''Nigeria has a world record number of imbeciles''  is a statement so ambiguous and vague,that only you can explain to Nigerians and to the whole world. We are waiting Professor Wale Soyinka,for your explanations!!!


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