These are the only reasons why you should get married!

Over 70% of people believe that the one and the only reason why marriage is necessary or why people should even think of getting married in  the first place is to have children. Some people call it the general name which is

To these kind of people,you have been born on earth,and you should also marry to born or have your own children! Period! That is why to them,people should think of marriage in the first place.
What else apart from this reason should people get married? What are the reasons why you should get married? These and many other things we are going to consider here!

The above picture shows it all:
  • Both the souls and spirits of the lovers are together.
  •  They agree to be together. 
  • The two have and enjoy things in common. 
  • They respect the culture of the other. 
  • They love where they or each other come from.
  • They love the persons they have become. 
  • They are at ease with each other. 
  • They are more than friends. 
  • They always yearn to be together.
  • Yes,they whole heartedly love each other
A lot of people force love to exist in their marriage and this is wrong. Love must exist before marriage takes place. What is it that attracts you to this person? There must be something and that thing is called love!

Dear ladies and gentlemen,if there is any reason why relationships fail,if there is any reason why we have a huge  number of divorce rate all around the daily,it is because,some marriages are not built on proper and right foundation-love! You don't try to force things where they are not fit in,no! Nature doesn't work like that,it will surely force itself out some day if you try to....
If there are reasons why you should get married in this world,it is because,the 10 bullet points mentioned above apply in your relationship. In that case,you can have enough reason to respect your man,while your man will have absolute reasons to love you!!!

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