"It is an incredible honor to be the first same-sex couple to marry in Germany'' says Kreile,a gay. Is that unbelievable?

Photos: Germany holds first ever same-sex marriage in Berlin

Now,Kreile is 59 and his husband Mende ( because he got married to a fellow man) is 60 years old. What Kreil and Mende didn't tell us is whether they have had children from various women before
getting married to each other or not.

On Sunday,October 1st,2017,the European became the 15th European nation to legalize gay marriage as Kreile and Mende became the first male couple to be officially wedded in Germany.

Isn't this surprising or rather shocking that two elderly men in their old age are doing this?  I mean,what are these old people getting married for? Do they still have any pleasure they are still to enjoy?  Is it the romance? Can they still feel any tickle? I mean,what is their purpose for getting married?

If Kreile and Memde in their 59 and 60 have never been married to women and have children,then,we could really say that surely,having women in their lives have never been in their interest in this big world. If however,that these papas have had children from women or wives and disengage them to get married to each other,then,in a very real sense,they have proven than gay marriage is nothing to bring life happiness or any meaning other than just sitting and looking at the face of each other. Photos: Germany holds first ever same-sex marriage in Berlin  

Look at their faces! What is the purpose of their lives now? What does one of them have that the other does not have? What sense does gay marriage now mean if one cannot get anything different from the other? And those in attendance,what is so passionate about the marriage that they too are enjoying? Clapping their hands? ( hmm,there is something in this world than the eyes can really see)

To me,same sex marriage is the most senseless thing to do ( permit me to air my view) .Where is the romance? where is the love which forms the bond of union in marriage? It simply doesn't exist in same sex marriage! Funny enough,some people don't agree with my philosophy here.

"We're making a single exception to fire a symbolic starter pistol because same-sex marriages are possible from today.'' Says a registrar in Berlin's Schoenberg where this marriage took place. He continued: 'It was appropriate for Schoenberg to hold the first same-sex wedding in the country because it has long been a center of gay life in the German capital.' ( That is another person's view,the one who agrees with the concept of same sex marriage)

One thing is common about same sex marriage. I don't know if you have noticed.The fact that the gay mates would always wait until their old age before getting married,at least in their 50's down ward. Is that how the gay spirit leads??? Read more: Pastors Vanessa Brown and Twanna Gause met at a church as teenage choir singers,became lesbians and wedded each other 30 years later.

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