A member of the Ebonyi state house of Assembly in search of a husband,shows a criteria a suitor must meet.

Is the most popular member of the Ebonyi state house of Assembly really in search of a husband? I mean,is Maria Ude Nwachi,the most popular member of Eboyi state house of Assembly looking for a man to marry? See the obvious reasons why I
ask below:

 "I am attracted to intelligent men"- Ebonyi lawmaker, Maria Ude Nwachi says

she got up on a Saturday night at about 10 pm and began writing:''

 I am attracted to intelligence.( And this could be either boys or men surely not  woman I am sure. I know her stuff kind very well). Don't get me wrong. A perfectly crafted body will certainly get my attention ( Eh,whether he  is intelligent or not?) but I will get bored with it.(okay). I will always do. I will need you to out smart me.Make me feel like I could learn from you,grow with you. Do that and you could be mine forever.''

Wow! I love your courage sha. Nigerian men too dey fear intelligent ladies and I don't know why. The fact that Maria Ude Nwachi could come up to indicate her interest to marry shows that she is really humble.She can submit to her husband no matter how huge her assets are.

Dear men,Maria is not looking for your money,she is only worried how intelligent you are. Can you make her feel she could learn from you and grow with you? Then,you are urgently wanted for marriage!!!

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