Why Malawi First Lady Parades In School Uniform to encourage girl child education

 Photo: Malawi first lay Gertrude Matharika wears school uniform
to encourage girl child education,education for women,in Africa

Apart from the fact that girl child education is not a common practice in Africa because they are girls whose primary purpose is to be in home front as some Africans believe,girl child or education for  women is written off because of the following:

  • Being pregnant

  • Having babies

  • Being adult and 

  • Being poor
These are the major points why majority of African women are not educated. Everything still boils down to parental training and culture. If for example,a child is born and is introduced to school at early childhood, no matter what happens tomorrow,no matter whatever her culture might say,her interest will always be in education.

Reports have it that a lot of efforts have been put in places by modern government of the day in all African nations to ensure that girl child and adult educations are encouraged. When a woman gets married,she forgets her education and focuses on childbirth. When a woman becomes pregnant,she leaves school and call it over. Yes,when she becomes an adult,she calls herself an old woman,who is no longer good for anything but to stay in the house and take care of the home.

On the other hand,women who know the importance of education,who really have a longing to go to school but are faced with the above mentioned sentiments and get discouraged along the way lack the morale to go on. The thought of wearing school uniform like children walking along the road deadens it all. It is for the sake of these women that the first lady of Malawi,Gertrude Mutharika wears school uniform and parade about,to take off the shame of wearing school uniform for women.

Yes,Gertrude Mutharika is encouraging women to go back to school regardless of the fact that they are adults and mothers. There is no shame when something good is there to be achieved,to better ones life and that of the entire human race! If the First lady of Malawi could wear a school uniform and parade about,women,mothers and adults can put on school uniforms and go back to school!!!

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