Where is Nnamdi Kanu? The Human rights lawyer, Femi Falana reveals his mind

The long keeping of silence by the leader of the indigenous people of biafra,IPOB,has brought about different reactions and opinions of many Nigerians about his whereabouts. While some say that Prince Nnamdi Kanu has been kidnapped,others simply opined that he
has run away from the tensed situation he has caused,which now is seeking to kill his dear life. Has the IPOB leader,prince Nnamdi Kanu run away?Was he rather kidnapped? What has happened to the boldest man of Biafra whose voice alone can command the mountain to walk?

Femi Falana, is a human right lawyer,who in his opinion says that Prince Nnamdi Kanu might have relocated to United Kingdom to join his family. This he expressed in an interview with PUNCH.Below are his evidence in his wisdom:

"Mind you, the fellow and his wife and children are British citizens. He may have left the country to join his family in the United Kingdom. While campaigning for Biafra he never threw away his British passport. I hope he has not run away so that he does not jeopardize the liberty of his sureties. It is an irony that Kanu, who is leading the struggle for the Balkanization of Nigeria, has dual citizenship, while Mr. Shettima Yerima, who gave the notice to quit to Igbo people in the North lives in Lagos" Femi Falana said.

When asked if sensing that his life was in danger would have made him to relocate as he thought,Femi Falana says"

"For sure. When armed soldiers invaded Odi in Bayelsa State or Zaki Biam in Benue State, they killed scores of people. Everybody’s life in Nigeria is in danger. Nigerians are shot dead in their homes by armed robbers or on the roads by soldiers or policemen or by armed herdsmen on their farms. So, it is a risky business to survive in Nigeria. Even President Muhammadu Buhari had to be flown to Britain for medical attention because his life was in danger here. So, nobody is safe in our country".

Well,Femi Falana for all we know is not an aide or a personal assistant or adviser to prince Nnamdi Kanu,neither is the human rights lawyer,a friend to the IPOB leader to tell us the actual location of the IPOB leader.

Like we would always say: Everyone is entitled to his own opinion!  All we can tell you for sure is that,no matter where the IPOB leader is right now,he is safe,and very much thinking of how what necessary steps to take,to finish up what he has started. Remember he assured his fellow Biafrans that he will not stop his fight for Biafra,until he gets what he wants even if it means giving up his own life! 

What then will be the next action of the IPOB leader who has left his family in United Kingdom for the fight of Biafra? That is yet to be disclosed.And very soon,it will!!!

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