When we have children in schools such as this,what is government restructuring?

Don't you think that debilitated school buildings in villages rather need restructuring? These are our children,the said leaders of tomorrow being cast out to learn in an unconducive learning environment! What kind of leaders of tomorrow will
Nigerians produce to lead and direct the affairs of this country when they are given this sick and weak foundation of learning ?

Let's get it straight: These children,so looking little today,

will tomorrow,spring up like flower-bud. These children you are right now looking at will tomorrow become mothers and fathers,instructors and leaders,teachers and aides in society! Yes,what they receive today,is what they will give the society tomorrow!

Today the children such as these are given weak academic foundation,and tomorrow,they shall deposit the same. Today,the only thing that runs in the mentality of these children is a low mentality function, which they will definitely give out to your generation tomorrow!

Before now,I used to think that those who send their children and wards to better schools at home and abroad would always escape the harmful effects of deteriorated system,caused by weak and pitiable condition,on which most of African children receive their education and learning.

Nuisances,nuances,tout,and other societal vices are caused by children who are not well brought up. Children who are not given strong and holistic training grow up to fight society with their inbuilt animalistic behaviors.

Any government which neglects the needs of her citizens get back truancy from them. In turn,the truants will then go after her and her children. Of what need is the negligence of poor children who could only attend public schools so much that the government of the day can not even put up a good school structure and learning facilities as their children would always have for the poor children???

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