''Woe Unto Any Man Who Values His Girlfriend More Than His Mother' - Duncanmighty.

 "Woe unto any man who values his girlfriend/wife more than his mother"- Duncan Mighty says

"After all this suffer make pikin see food chop and pay school fees ,the idiot will bring in one slay queen and forget his mother's effort,,, u still made it yet u driving car while she still treks to the market........ Woe unto any man who values his gf/wife more than
his mother ..... My mother my everything... Anticipate THANK YOU MAMA FOR 9MONTHS #duncanmighty#thesocalledslayqueenwontcomment".

Well that was Duncanmighty's thoughtful words for the love of motherhood. Well said,''any man born of a woman whose mother suffered her flesh so much this way or even more and forgets or refuses to appreciate her and put smiles on her face is a fool and yes,woe unto such man''. Any man who beats his mother because of his wife,even when his wife is wrong, woe unto him! Any man who forgets to care for his mother,woe unto him!!

''u driving car while she still treks to the market........ Woe unto any man who values his gf/wife more than his mother''  I don't understand Duncanmighty. Can your old mother who lives in a village drive a car? Why should any man whose mother treks to market be pronounced woe,simply because,she treks whereas his wife goes in car? How can a mother's need be compared to a wife's? My dear,it is simply impossible! Your wife comes first most times in your life than your mother,and that is true,very true. Note,it has nothing to do with ''value''. A good man values his mother as well as his wife equally for all humans are equal,but,not to love the women equally. You must love your wife,more than your own mother! Yes,true,and very true! Everything love affair has to be expressed with your wife if you have a home and want to keep it in peace; Your mother has little or nothing to do with your home!!

A wife always has her own place in her husband's heart,likewise a mother! They are quite different. The only time it is a stupid and a foolish act is when one neglects the needs of his mother just because of his wife.  Give your mother her own dues.When a man has the means to give his mother whatever needs she has and refuses or forgets to do so,then,we could all say ''Woe unto him!''

Weldone Duncanmighty,for reminding men,husbands,to be worthy people. To always remember their mothers,never neglecting the needs their needs,no matter the situation!!!

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