''It's unreasonable that women pay with their nose when they cheat on their partners'' says singer Simi

It was the same singer Simi who says that Nigerian men are not romantic. Yes,the same lady is here again giving her views in infidelity matter in marriage relationship. In her thoughts of who suffers more  in infidelity issues in marriage,Simi says
''Women''. 'Nobody is allowed to cheat in a relationship, if a man cheats, he's scum and if a woman does same, she's scum. 'But obviously, people are harder on women when it happens to them and it's ridiculous '.

Obviously it is true. Simi is right! When men cheat on their wives,they would say it is in the nature of men to cheat. Thereby glorifying men when they cheat on their wives.I now ask such people: Is it in the nature of men to act shamelessly? Is it is in the nature of ma\en to be without self control? Is it in the nature of men to be immoral? Then if God were to create me again,I would beg him to make me again a woman and not a man who in nature is caused to act abnormally and disgracefully. 

In African culture,when a woman cheats on her husband,it becomes a taboo and an abomination. Why because,she is a woman! It's okay. It's okay to frown at immoral conducts,but it will be much more better if all involved is disciplined and not just one particular s*x of people-women.

However,if there is any reason why immorality thrives,why men still cheat on their wives,it is because the culture supports and encourage them. How would a man who is never blamed for cheating on his wife see that he has done with is bad? Women try to keep their legs closed even when they feel they should engage in immorality because,they know that the consequences thereafter would be huge on them. They know they would pay through their nose should they be caught cheating on their partners.

In essence,the problem lies in the culture of Africans that gives approval to men to cheat and go free! If what is applied to women also apply to men,then by now,there would be no infidelity in marriage,in relationships!!!

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