''Ladies,Don't Spend Your Dime Seeking Trash On Any Man To Marry You''-Liz Anjorin

Honestly,I know that there are circumstances beyond humans control sometimes. Single ladies are tried in various ways,at various times,and when such happens,they tend to misbehave,acting abnormally. Women they say,have no time. Before the age of 20 a female child is already seen grown and
ready for marriage. On passing her mid 20 without a man she could call hers,she would start receiving worries and insults about her age and status. Yes,once in her 30's and a woman is not still married,she's considered gone by the society.

Many cultures make our mature single ladies look worthless without husbands even when they are assets. ''No matter what a woman has,she is nothing without a man'' says some cultures. This is a lie women! Reject the intimidation! ''Don't be intimidated by your rivals, your in-law or in-law to be; stand your ground, show everybody how brilliant and smart you are. Ladies,  don't spend your dime in seeking trash on any man to marry you by force'' says Liz Anjorin the actress you know.

According to Liz,spending your hard earned money on a man,just to make him marry you is the most stupid thing to do. ''what is yours will be yours and what is not yours will never stay(if you like go to mountain of fire) instead pray for yourself,  spend the money on yourself, wear good cloth, smell nice, look elegant... Let them call you any trashy names they called good looking babe-never bother, secure yourself with any legit job that can support you''. That's true!

You are already getting older and you are being desperate as well. That is a double wahala! If you eventually buys a man to marry you,where lies your honor as a woman? You will have dashed it to the trash! That you have not been married at your age is not your fault.Wait you will,except you decide not to anyway,at the end of the day. After all,marriage is not for everyone a man of wisdom would always say!

Dear single ladies,let no tradition or people force you to disgrace your womanhood by begging or forcing a man who is not yours,to marry you in any way. If you do,be very sure that even at the end of the day,you will discover that you are not still in marriage! No woman can keep a man who is not her man in her home. Men are no pets or toys. Whatever they want to do,that is what they will still do at the end of the day!!!

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