Nigerians laugh,after Fayose declared intentions to run for presidency,2019. See why!

After declaring his intentions on Thursday,28 of September 2017 to run the political post of presidency 2017,many Nigerians began to laugh at the ambition of the Ekiti state governor,Ayo Fayose. While some say that he is never a serious man for the post of presidency,others rather termed him
Donald Trump of America. Below are some tweets:

Fayose wants to be our own Donald Trump — Faisal (@katibijr) September 28, 2017 

But the questions I ask Nigerian youths who actually laugh at the intention of Fayose to become the next Nigerian president  are : In what way is Fayose a replica of Donald Trump? In What way or ways is Fayose not capable of being a Nigerian president?

Yes,Ayo Fayose is a hilarious person who jokes and talks in political matters,is Donald Trump the same here? 

Donald Trump started with insult,threat and abuse when he began.He threatened that if he became the president,he would send all blacks out of America and that the Muslims would never find their their feet again in the land of America.  There was no laughter in the voice of Trump when he began his presidential aspiration. He didn't want to be likeable by people. He sounded so bitterly and inhumanly and prejudice was all over him.

Will Ayo Fayose now give up or will he like Donald Trump continue to the end despite the laughter??? 

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