Modesther Nnaji Gives 10 Major Reasons Why Female Soldiers Are The Best In Relationships And Marriages

 ''A female solder is an independent woman
 to you''- Modesther Nnaji
Modesther Nnaji Gives 10 Major Reasons Why Female Soldiers Are The Best In Relationships And Marriages

Believe me when I say that even the man who feels he is the strongest man on earth,a man who has much guts than he feels, still fines it difficult to approach a female soldier for any relationship. Why do men so get
scared of having female soldiers as wives,girlfriends?  Are female soldiers not wife materials? Are they not marriageable in nature? What could be wrong in getting married to female soldiers?

Anyways,Modesther,Nnaji,a female soldier has taken to her Facebook page to give men out there enough reasons why female soldiers are best in relationships and in marriages! Below are her romantic points of convictions:

1. She is an Independent woman to you.  She has already got a job, and it's the best thing a man can wish for.

2. You won't bother someone Harassing your wife for any reason. She is a Soldier, So I don't think that there is any form of harassment that can come to her that she can't handle.

3. She will always fight for you. If you get Married or in a relationship with a Female soldier, every of your problem is her Problem. She won't ever let any harm come to you.

4. She will be trustworthy. You won't be afraid of thinking about your wife or girlfriend cheating on you, because even People around her can't even go close to her once they know that she is in a relationship with you .

5. They are the Most Caring. They care for their Loved ones more than anything, Love and care is what they Give you.

6. They are Educated with Military and Civil Law. You don't have much to say to her, because she already know what's good and Bad. She knows what to do and the time to do it..

Wow! I am already feeling like getting married to a female soldier if only I were a man! But hey Modesther,what about male soldiers,are they such romantic? Are they also so disciplined not to cheat on their wives?

Having talked about female soldiers being protective to their boyfriends and husbands,Modesther Nnaji has the following warnings to men out their. The things the female soldiers won't tolerate:

  • If a Female soldier loves you, don't play around, cos you are Playing with your life.

  • Always be faithful to her and you will be the Happiest Man on Earth.

  • If you Love a Female Soldier, don't be afraid to approach her, but do it in good manners to avoid the story that touches the heart.

Modesther Nnaji,the sunshine and radio cantanger for female soldiers ends her admonition is a good note and much encouragement to fidgeting men out there:

''In case you are afraid of anyone, come to Me I will help you talk to her. #MilitaryLifeeeeeeee# Am proud to be a female soldier''

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