''I love her so much she cannot date another man while I’m still alive''. He later killed her,and hanged himself to death

What is wrong with love? What is it in love that can make a man who has been rejected by a woman to kill himself? If a girl says she no longer loves you,you should rather be happy and go search for your soulmate,who
will never depart!

And later,you will say that every disappointment is a blessing,but you cannot take a disappointment from your girlfriend eh? What kind of person are you? Why are you showing the whole world that you are nothing and nobody without your girl or boy friend? Why did you allow love to blind fold you so much that you could not see the light after the tunnel?

“I love her so much she cannot date another man while I’m still alive. It is so stupid of me to do this (commit murder, suicide), but why should I live?” That is Dan,a boda boda operator from Tayari in Molo town, Nakuru County Kenya who on Monday night of September 18 2017, stabbed his 25-year-old girlfriend Cinta Nyambs to death before hanging himself. Why? Because,at a point in their relationship,his girlfriend said she was no longer interested.

“At first, I thought the woman was screaming due to a robbery attack, only to be informed that Dan had killed his girlfriend before taking his life,” said Marwa,Da's neighbor. Wht could be wrong with Dan Daniel Mwangi alias? Surely something of some mental illness! It is abonormal to stab on someone you claim you love so much to the point that you feel you may not live without her in your life. Not to talk of hanging yourself on a rafter!

What would ever make a responsible man to think that he can not live without a woman? Remember that the woman in question here is someone who does not even love Daniel enough to live with him as a wife. Isn't it rather stupid that a man chooses to live with someone who does not love him? Why would a reasonable man want to live with someone that doesn't care about him when there are hundreds of other women dying in love with him?? 

I still don't know why on earth a man would kill himself,commit murder,because of a woman! It is unreasonable,it is also very stupid like he said,committing suicide,and murder because of a woman. More stupid the action was,because,Dan knew it was a stupid thing to do,and he still did it!!!

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