It is unreasonable that the South African secondary school students caught in serious relationship were suspended from school!

Photos: Teen couple suspended in South Africa after marriage proposal at their high school, engagement ring confiscated 

Up to this moment,I still couldn't understand why the love life of these romantic birds would be so cut short all in the name of school! What is school to be compared to what one feels,and what happens in a real live?

Two students in South Africa fell in love with each other and they both decided to do it right by taking it to the next level of legit and they were suspended? What kind of school is that in South Africa that does not understand the difference between love and romance? What kind of school in South Africa is it that having seen their students falling so close in love for real to the extend that the boy in question bought a ring and engaged his girl and could not kindly invite them for a table talk, to encourage them to do it well better,and all they could just do was to suspend them?

How many of you there do not know that the first time people fall in love in their entire life is usually in secondary school?Did you not have somebody you admired if not somebody you were even in relationship with when you were in secondary school? Yours might be dirty,illegible or embarrassing in the sense that the boy you were having romantic affairs with was  just a boy friend and nothing more than that.He was just sapping you,only to leave you go empty at the end of the day. 

What we are talking about here are people who understand what they feel for each other. All they wanted was to cherish their well found love and take it to God in alter. Is anything wrong with that?

Okay,this is it: The boy is 18 years old and his name is Mduduzi Tlou. He proposed to his 16-year-old girlfriend (whose name is withheld because she is underage) in front of cheering fellow students at Tholulwazi Secondary School in Tsakane, Ekurhuleni. Now the question is: If Mduduzi was not sure of what he was doing,would he have engaged his girl in front of his school mates? The boy is 18,he is mature and also an adult. In fact, Mduduzi is a man and getting a girl who is 2 years younger than he is not just perfect!

 Photos: Teen couple suspended in South Africa after marriage proposal at their high school, engagement ring confiscated
Sadly,few hours after their engagement, the school confiscated the R2000 ring Tlou had bought for his girlfriend and suspended both pupils after they appeared before a school disciplinary hearing on Wednesday. That was the only thing the school could find right to do. Here are the voices of Mduduzi Tlou on why he engaged his girlfriend in school and his intentions for her:

"I love her because when I met her, I was an alcoholic and she had changed all of that .( Chai)I paid R2000 for the ring. I bought it from Sterns. I had saved money for it," Tlou said.Then he continued: "I was surprised on September 18 2017) just after lunch when they called us into the principal's office, confiscated the ring and asked us to bring our parents the next day." ( Can you imagine this kind of teachers? All they could do is just to confiscate the lovers ring! OO)

''I am worried that I am missing out on learning while on suspension. I already missed four class tests. I want to finish my studies, find a job and marry my sweetheart''.  Says the groom.People,can't you see that this love is real?)
Photos: Teen couple suspended in South Africa after marriage proposal at their high school, engagement ring confiscated

What about the girl,what does she feel about the whole situation? Does she even know and feel what  is love? Let's see: "When they took my ring at school, I wanted to cry. He asked me to marry him and make him the happiest man on earth. We are not going to get married now. We will get married after we both finish school," she said. (Chai,you see,she also knows what she is doing!) Now the parents of these children have been invited by the school,let's see their views:

"Why is this relationship being turned into a crime? He must marry her. I will even give him my savings for lobola." That is Tlou's grandfather Jacob Xaba talking. And the girl's parents? 

"I am happy with the step these children are taking. Mduduzi is a good boy. I can't think of a better son-in-law." You see? And her name is Nomsa.

So what are we saying? Someone would expect that the teachers of these students having heard the consent of their parents on the choice their children have made,supported their engagement would be reasonable enough to welcome the students back to school. But no,this was rather the take of the school authority over the issue:

"Surely such behaviour will not be tolerated in our schooling environment. A school is an institution of learning . The disciplinary process by the SGB . will pave a way forward. The pupils would be given a chance to write the tests missed, he said. ( Oo,this kind school self.My children will never attend a school such as this. Thank God it is in South Africa!!!)

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