"Football is a love language spoken worldwide''. Arsenal fan meets a legendary arsenal player and it feels like his blood

 When a true Arsenal fan meets legendary Arsenal player: Governor Aregbesola all smiles as he meets Kanu Nwankwo

Like music which is a language every spirit understands,so much that even the deaf can hear,feel and understand,so is football.

I am never
a so much fan to any footballer,as watching football matches is not my hobby,so,I wondered what would make people quit some important appointments or keep important assignments aside,just to watch their match.

I have also seen men betting so expensively on match,predicting at their own risk just to show their absolute supports to their football clubs. Ardent football lovers I have seen and heard, can even sponsor someone he never met from Adams to achieve certain height in life,just because they belong and support the same football club! Wow!!

To get it very clearly,I began to ask football lovers what is in football that they love it so much,that they can do anything for it? Then the answers I got look so darlyn to me: 

''Football brings the whole world together''. ''Football knows no color or language,tribe or nation. It is the mother of all human race''! These and many more are the expressions of many people who love football like they love their best foods.

It's so interesting to know that this is true. I now love football matches on my TV screen,and shout ''goal....... whenever people cheer even when I do not know the names of the scorers. Just to support the mother of all human race,joining in putting an end to racism and prejudice!!

You love football,I love the spirit in football!!!

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