'' I just spoke to Nnamdi Kanu,his lawyer and his sister.What is happening now is unacceptable and unbellievable''-Femi Fani- Kayode


If there is one man,one person and one of the political figures we have been waiting so far from the south west Nigeria to react on the attack of the Nigerian soldiers to the home of the leader of indigenous people of Biafra,it is FFK! Femi,Fani-Kayode,the former aviation Minister of the federal republic of Nigeria. In his reaction to the attack in Prince Nnamdi Kanu's home,
FFK  tweets the following on media page:

If there is anything among others FFK says that I love so much,it is the fact that soldiers are supposed to protect the lives of people they guard,and not to terrify,harm or even kill them. That being the case,why would soldiers embark on a mission that would only terrify and put in jeopardy,the lives of people they protect? Are soldiers not supposed to shun nonsense and put things in order? What is happening to Nigerian soldiers these days???


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