Finally,a thief proves that no thief is born thief, thanks his god for being caught at last

It is a common belief in Africa that once a thief is always a thief. It is also a believe in Africa,that thievery,prostitution,and other immoral behaviors run in the blood and can be inherited. This explains the reason why
before getting married,a lot of researches and traces would have been made to ensure that the person to be married to comes from a moral family background,free of stains of moral corruptions and decadence.

It is this same believe that immorality can be deposited in the blood,so a child or children born from such family will finally act immorally like their parents or ancestors have acted that makes child adoption very difficult to accept in Africa. ''How can I adopt a child whose parent I do not know? What if it is an armed robber that was responsible for the baby's pregnancy?''. These questions are for fear that if one adopts a child whose father by impregnating a woman is an armed robber or a rapist,in the nearest future,the child will begin to manifest such ugly,wicked and immoral traces like the person who conceives him or her.

But this is not true! Immorality does not stain in the blood of an actor,and no unborn child can inherit it from the womb or be born with it either . Here is a proof : A thief proves that no thief is born thief, thanks his god for being caught at last.How?

His name is , Boubacar Diallo,from Guinea . Diallo Boubacar is a student at a technical college in Mamou. He and his accomplice stolen 50m Guinean francs ($5,600; £4,160) from a phone shop in the northwestern city. When caught,Diallo accepted and admitted that he stole! Surprisingly to everyone again,in front of the cameras, Diallo called for more resources to be given to the police. In his words,he says: 'The national police head office should be congratulated. I also want to say that the police needs equipment because it has well-trained officers'. Then in conclusion, he added that he never imagined that he would be caught so quickly and said he regretted his crime.

Now the question is : If Diallo is born a thief,or if thievery runs in his blood as claimed by Africans,would he have regretted his action? Remember he says that he regretted that he was caught ,meaning that he was already making his mind over to stop stealing,unfortunately before he could stop,he was already caught. 

A seasoned or a professional thief even when caught can never regret his actions.  But Diallo did! Moreover,remember that Diallo is a student of a technical school. Who knows,he may not have a sponsor who pays his school fees and other things involved in his projects.

Once we had someone who stole like this and paid up his school fees and graduated. When he got a good job,he returned to the shops and places where he stole all the money and items he used to sponsor his education and paid back the owners in double fold after many apologies!

There are definitely reasons why certain people act stupidly sometimes. One is to survive,and the other is best known to them! But finally,a thief proves that no thief is born thief, thanks his god for being caught at last! This shows that anyone who makes stealing a means of living chooses to do so own his own,and not that he's born a thief!!!

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