'' Cow urine is full of nutrients.'' A father of 2 who abandons his family to live with his animals for very unusual reasons claims

Married father-of-two abandons his family to live with a herd of cows who saved his life in India

Is he okay? Look at him lying down there with a cow in a well made bed as if he is sharing with a human.Like seriously,what kind of person would you say this man is ? He abandons his wife and children and finds
joy in living with animals such as cows and snakes full time as his own family,eating and drinking animal's dung and urine? His name is Vijay Parsana,he is 44 years old now,from India. He claims that his deep love for cows came to grow after they saved his life,and so he picked up living with them full time to say ''thank you''. Here is the full gist gist:

‘My love for cows is unexplainable. There’s nothing dearer to me than my cows.
'When I’m with them I forget the world. When I’m with them, nothing in the world worries me.
'We’ve developed a special connection and my family is really happy for me.
'I believe I understand them and they understand me. I share all my joys and sorrows with them.’(eey,Vijay,how?)

This man, Vijay Parsana says that his over 2,000 animals including peacocks, rabbits, birds and snakes, have made him too rich that he had spent £20,000 on a lavish wedding for two of his cows that he credited for changing his life.

‘Whatever I am today is because of my cows. My financial status, health and personality all have changed because of them.
'The cow is like our mother. (Jehovah! No,say your own mother!)I urge everyone to own a cow and see the change it brings to your life.’
‘Throughout my childhood I was interested in yoga and health. I researched various natural elements that are beneficial to the body.
'And when I got to know how cows milk, its urine and cow dung is full of goodness I committed fully.’
‘I now balance my time between family, work and my cows.''

Vijay Parsana again claims that consuming one cup of cow urine every morning has made him healthy:

‘It kept me well hydrated and nourished, Cow urine is full of nutrients. It helps the body to wash oil and toxins and impurities out of the body.
'Consuming one cup in the morning can give you better health. Everyone should try it.’ (Everyone should try what?)

From all of us here,it is only God who sees both in open and in secret that knows the truth. Only he can judge later,but as for now,whatever a man sows,he will reap!!!


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