Can Men Ever Stop Cheating?

 ''Well,if I will ever get marry,the girl must be classy,and beautiful.'' A man out there,you,or maybe you,would say! And before long,he would see the lady his heart yearns for and walk down the isle with her. Before long again,he is seen somewhere with another woman,this time,''not classy'' as he 
desires. Of course he is there,cheating on his wife!

You will then wonder: What is really wrong with men? He said he wanted a classy,beautiful girl for a wife,and when God answered his prayers,and now he behaving as if she was never the kind of woman he ever wanted to satisfy and quench his thirst of woman. Can men ever stop cheating?

A man would be helpless and almost hopeless in life. He is a graduate without any job and when he sees a working class lady,he boldly approaches her and asks if she could get him a job with her connections. Yes she later did and the man out of gratitude developed love,a strong one for her. Years later,they got married and were happily living with children,boys and girls. Then one day,at a corner in a bar,the man was seen,hanging out with a girl,too young to be his mother's last child. Cheating on his wife of many years. What is wrong with men? Can men ever stop cheating?

On almost the same hand,a man who earns less than his wife lost his job.He couldn't secure another job and so,his wife became the breadwinner of the home. When the woman is out to work,the man would go out flexing with girls in a cool spot,using his wife's hard earned money on other women,cheating on his wife. On the woman who brings home money,and puts food at the table! What is wrong with men? Are they okay? Can men ever stop cheating on their wives?

A Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz cheated on his steady girlfriend/mother-of-his children, Zari, and fathered a son with a video vixen/model. What else would Diamond Planumz be looking for in life? He already has a steady woman who is ever ready to give him s* x anytime he so needs it,he also has children with his steady girlfriend. Yes,he still went after another woman,and impregnated her and has a child with her. What is wrong with men? Can they ever sop cheating??

 ''You get hourglass figure? You bleach your skin be like Snow White? You be Boss lady? You be hot chocolate ? You get money,  too much? You classy? You trashy? You be pastor wife? are u ugly? You have the best heart ? Who are you woman ? !!! I've got news for you...... all that won't stop him from cheating....'' Maheeda says ! Men! Men!! Men!!! Hmmm am still thinking...

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