''You can believe what you want,but I stand by my guy'' Wendy William reacts to a rumor of her marriage infidelity

The American television host of  the ever youths oriented TV show,Wendy William's Show recently heard a rumor that her husband,Kevin Hunter has been  cheating on her for ten years now with rather,a very little chick. Here is the report:
''Daily Mail shared a report, backed with exclusive photos, that indicated that all was not well within the marriage of popular TV Host Wendy Williams. This was because her husband, Kevin Hunter has allegedly been involved with a younger woman, Sharina Hudson in a secret 10-year long affair.''

 You know  normally,this is a kind of thing that breaks up marriages and homes. But what did the no nonsense woman do on hearing this? The action of Wendy William will surprise you. She says: "It is rare doing hot topics and being a hot topic. In a weird kind of way, I love the attention. There's some sort of weird story going around the internet regarding my husband. All you have to do is google him and see the story. You can believe what you want but (waves ring). I stand by my guy. All is well in Hunterville. Don't believe the hype." 

To Wendy,the rumor that her husband has been having affairs with a  younger woman is a way of creating attention  to her. To Wendy,people want to see if she could leave her marriage for anything ever,but Wendy has said no,to them.
What would make a reasonable woman, a television host and presenter of  programs on marital and relationship issues break up her own marriage,simply because she has heard,it has been written and sent on social media with photos that her husband cheats on her?

If there is any thing that damages marriage or relationship,it is rumor. Rumors are never truth even when some of them may have some elements of truth in them,but in actual sense,rumors can never be truth! It is made to know what you can do with any given situation,pull your legs and test your strength.

If you are a married man or a woman,you must be strong enough to stand by your man,no matter the rumor you hear about him. Do not act unfairly to your man based on any rumor,keep loving him,keep flaunting your ring until you see him live,cheating on you! Even at that,you still have to think,before you act!!!

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