ASUU suspends strike, soon to embark on another.

Sure you remember the day Academic Staff Union of Universities ASUU embarked on their indefinite strike right? Yea,on the 14th day of August,20017. 

On that faithful day,students who were still
having their examinations papers couldn't go in to write,while others who were through with their exams felt they were the most fortunate. ''ASUU,when are you calling off this strike'' was one question that lingered the minds of students who really want to go back to school for one academic activity or the other. while those,who want to give themselves selfie,wish the strike could really go on forever!

3 weeks on the strike,the federal government and members of ASUU met to resolve their issues,not to suspend the strike,but to call it off! Yes,ASUU accepted the offer from the federal government,and promised to inform them on a week time, when to call of the strike. Has ASUU called off the strike? ASUU,the Academic Staff Union of Universities,have just suspended the strike,until the end of October,to enable the federal government fulfill all the promises it has made to the association. The present Chairman of the association,Professor Biodun Ogunyemi makes it clear that failure to fulfill the agreement would result in the resumption of the strike.

The reasons why ASUU embarked on  an indefinite strike on August 14th 2017 for a reminder are because of government’s failure to implement its 2009 agreement and 2013 memorandum of understanding (MoU), non-payment of salaries, non-payment of earned academic allowance (EAA), removal of universities staff schools from funding by government and non-implementation of provisions of the 2014 pension reform act with respect to retired professors and their salaries. 

My dear students,may the federal government  of Nigeria pay all their dues to  the academic staff union of universities,so that it won't have any other reason to embark on further indefinite strike! We are always with you!!!

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