Angela Merkel,a female politician becomes the head of German government again, the fourth time

Congratulations Angela Merkel,on your winning the political post of German Chancellor,the fourth time! Among all other figures,you came first! In the world so dominated by men in leadership,you win,you reign,you lead! Thank you the good people of Germany for looking beyond
gender. You have always  chosen to look beyond gender,but focused on who can deliver the dividend of democracy in all ramifications to your people!

In Germany,the President is no doubt the head of state but the Federal Chancellor is the head of government. On Sunday,the 24th day of September 2017,a female politician,a woman leader,after a hard  political fight and struggle with other oppositions,came victorious. She is Angela Merkel. Angela Merkel won a fourth term as German Chancellor in the political system of Germany.

Addressing her strong and loyal supporters for forth term, Angela Merkel said the result gave her a "mandate". A mandate to rule as though,there is no other qualifier,better than she is,to head German government. Well again we say congratulations Merkel on your winning the hard fight of political election as the head of German government.

I think this is Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's time to really shine with her crusade of feminism talk. The people of Germany has proven to the whole world that equity is humanity! Any human,male or female who is qualified to lead should be given a chance to serve on merit without any bias or discrimination! The world is the world of our own,only humans can rule in it,man or woman,not animals!!!                                   

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