...And so,Miss Turkey 2017,cheaply loses her crown to the second runner,lives to blame her past

Once upon a time,a crowned Miss Universe loses her crown to someone else few minutes after she had been crowned her honor. Reason,the announcer mistaken her name to another who actually was the winner of the beauty pageant!

Now on Thursday night,
on the  22nd day of September 2017,Itir Esen,a beautiful charming lady at just 18,was pronounced and crowned the Miss Turkey beauty queen,2017. Unfortunately for the young lady,she loses her crown and handed it to Asli Sumen, who came second and who will now represent Turkey in the Miss World contest in China on November 18. Reason? A controversial Tweet!

It was discovered few hours after winning the crown,that Itir Esen tweeted about a 2016 failed coup aimed at ousting President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. On the tweet, Esen was said to have compared the bloodshed in her menstrual cycle with that of the 249 people who lost their lives during the failed coup that are now celebrated in Turkey as martyrs. :"To celebrate July 15 Martyr's Day, I began the morning by getting my period. I am celebrating the day by bleeding representing the martyrs blood,"  Can you imagine the insult the said Miss Turkey raised on her country she actually claims to love and represent?

That was an unthinkable tweet to have come from a beauty queen of a country ever! And so the judges took a very long period of hours to examine the tweet and finally, Can Sandikcioglu,  the head of Miss Turkey who later confirmed the tweet was posted by Esen announced:  “The Miss Turkey organization, whose objective is to promote Turkey in the world and to contribute to its image, cannot accept such a post,”

What was the reaction of Esen over the final decision on her? “I want to say that as an 18-year-old girl, I had no political aims while sharing this post,” she wrote, saying that she only shared her “innocent thoughts during a sensitive time.”  “My family raised me by teaching to respect our homeland and nation. I do not have a character that could show disrespect to our martyrs,” she said.

That is a food for thought everyone!!!

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