''Norma,I am sorry I got re married,and our marriage didn't work out..''.A husband writes to his ex wife.

''I still love you Norma''Terese told his ex wife http://www.monikmotivational.com/2017/09/blog-post.html

You won't believe that a man wrote and sent this message to his ex wife. His name is actor Tyrese. He got married to a beautiful woman named Norma and in time in their marriage,they had a child,a beautiful daughter. Not so long after having a baby,
Terese separated from his wife Norma and got married to another lady. Now,Tyrese picked on his IG page ,wrote a letter,and sent to his ex wife,telling her he is sorry that he got re married and he is also sorry that she has not been able to re marry too. What exactly could be wrong with Tyrese? Is he really missing his first love even though he has re married to another woman? Let's see from Tyrese:

 Tyerse,you never wished any harm on her and you got another wife to her house? What is this new wife of yours to Norma? Harmless? Who bewitched you Tyrese? It was just separation you have with Norma over some issues that can be solved and all you could just do in a short time is to bring another woman in and you are telling her you are sorry?

Wait Tyrese,when you separated from her,were you expecting her to also get married? Am sure no. You just want this woman of yours to do as you did and Tyrese,she may not. Continue,keep being sorry for your present state,keep being sorry that you did her wrong,keep being sorry she's left alone.

No doubt,you will miss Norma forever,for sharing custody of your child  with her because you just said it : ''I still love you'' to Norma!!!

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