A Nigerian journalist wins' BBC World News 'Komla Dumor Award'

Story -telling is African way of life! Reporting on high-profile news stories has made a Nigerian Journalist win the BBC World News 'Komla Dumor Award'. Her name is
Amina Yuguda,a news presenter on local network Gotel Television in north-eastern Nigeria!

Story telling has been the nature of African people. In everything they do,they involve stories. This shows where Africans came from,their background and travails,in life. In this way too, Amina Yuguda impressed the panel with her story-telling and her ability to convey complex ideas in a way that resonates with a wide audience making her a worthy winner of BBC World News ''Komla Dumor''.

Here,Amina Yuguda shares her wonderful experience with us:

'I was overwhelmed with joy. Storytellers have always had an important role in Africa, this is what defines us. Today journalists are taking on that responsibility. With little or no formal education, my countrymen can hold their own in a variety of topics, including the Trump presidency in America, North Korea's defiance, Russia's foreign relations under Putin, and more'.

Congratulations Ms Amina Yuguda on your winning the BBC ''World News ''Komla Dumor Award for your embedding stories into your presentations! Thank you for telling the world that Africans have a rich historical background. Yes,Africans always have stories to tell anywhere,anytime!!!

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