Question for the day: Is it a sin to kiss ones brother or sister?

Oh no,I don't understand,but well,it looks romantic,but I tell you,it is one without romantic attachment! two sisters,I mean,two sisters from the same mother and father in bid of celebrating their sisterhood kissed each other in each others' lips and one of them shared the picture on social media!

Yes,what about it? What do you have against it? Why would Nigerians criticize sisters for celebrating love,peace,happiness,family ties that has kept them together as one and that has endured this long? Rather than saying : Wow,this is romantic! Why would anyone who is not bold enough to say common ''I love you mum'' be judging sisters that they kissed or touched the lips of each other?

Kiss or kisses signify love,oneness of heart,and complete acceptance of another person,the way they are. When the two sisters, Sonia and Jessica shared a kiss,it means that they truly love each other. If you judge these people,it then means that you have never called your siblings romantic names like ''sweet heart,sugar,baby'' and the rest! If you have,what is the difference between sharing such endearing names that people give to their soul and married mates with your brothers and sisters? That is love! It is in born,especially the one from a family circle!

Am sure that if Jessica or Sonia ever feels that their action was bad or not acceptable,they wouldn't have shared their good moment with us. I also know that these sweet girls also expected to  receive some insults and annoying queries from societal friends,but still did it! Should you kiss your brother,what happens?

If Jessica and Sonia are judged for kissing each other as sisters,then,all mothers and fathers should also be judged for sometimes kissing their babies in showing love and affection. You can't escape it if you are really attached to your blood! These kinds of kisses are free of emotional attachment ! It is just kiss and empty kiss,for the joy of sisterhood!!!

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